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2011 GV – Artodidact: A Guide to Self Education as an Artist

unschooling conference

Good Vibrations 2011 Single Talk

Artodidact: A Guide to Self Education as an Artist talk by Brenna Dee McBroom
over 49 minutes

I’m currently writing a book about self education as a visual artist. In this talk, I’m interested in discussing some of the main themes of the book, including how one can become a successful visual artist without going to art school. Some of unschooling conferencethe topics I intend to cover include: how to find/make your own apprenticeship/internship/job shadow, how to obtain gallery representation, how to talk with your parents about the choice to forgo college, and how to start your own artistic business. In addition, I’d like to discuss the philosophy behind becoming an ‘Artodidact’ and how that philosophy is related to unschooling.
Brenna Dee McBroom lives, eats (off of), and breathes wheel-thrown pots. She is a long-time unschooler and former Not-Back-To-School-Camper, and she’s been working in clay for three years. When not at the pottery wheel, glazing table, or kiln, Brenna loves traveling, taking photographs, reading quirky novels, writing speeches, and making books. She left New College of Florida in order to become an
‘Artodidact’ in 2009, and she’s in the midst of writing a book about self-education as an artist. She recently returned from a self-designed internship with a ceramic artist in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
While her medium of choice and area of expertise is clay (specifically: functional, wheel thrown, mid-range stoneware), Brenna is passionate about all manner of visual art.

Price: $5.00

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