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2011 GV – Roadblocks & Roundabouts: Overcoming Obstacles to Unschooling

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Roadblocks & Roundabouts: Overcoming Obstacles to Unschooling
Ronnie Maier 1:10:30 minutes

If unschooling is a journey- and it certainly has been for my family- it is one that is peppered with obstacles. In fact, an unschooling journey is often defined by the obstacles that we encounter and the
choices that we make as we navigate our way over, under, around, or through those obstacles. In this presentation, we’ll look at some of the common and surprising obstacles that we face as unschooling
parents, and we’ll explore some tools, tips, and tricks for navigating those obstacles with joy and practicality.

For Ronnie Maier, it’s all about the journey. This includes more than her fair share of fun and interesting travels but refers more to a life journey that is all about transformations. She has gone from traditional parent to radical unschooler, ball-and-chain wife to peaceful partner, control freak to free spirit (okay, she’s still working on that one), and wounded child to happy individual. In and around all that, Ronnie has held a variety of jobs related to words and is currently a selfemployed
technical writer in the software industry. She is “Mom” to 8-year unschooling veterans MJ (18) and Chloe (17) and well loved wife to her partner in crime, Frank.

Price: $5.00

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