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2011 GV All Talks

unschooling conference

Artodidact: A Guide to Self Education as an Artist talk by Brenna Dee McBroom 49:58 minutes, 48 mb

I’m currently writing a book about self education as a visual artist. In this talk, I’m interested in discussing some of the main themes of the book, including how one can become a successful visual artist without going to art school. Some of the topics I intend to cover include: how to find/make your own apprenticeship/internship/job shadow, how to obtain gallery representation, how to talk with your parents about the choice to forgo college, and how to start your own artistic business. In addition, I’d like to discuss the philosophy behind becoming an ‘Artodidact’ and how that philosophy is related to unschooling.
Brenna Dee McBroom lives, eats (off of), and breathes wheel-thrown pots. She is a long-time unschooler and former Not-Back-To-School-Camper, and she’s been working in clay for three years. When not at the pottery wheel, glazing table, or kiln, Brenna loves traveling, taking photographs, reading quirky novels, writing speeches, and making books. She left New College of Florida in order to become an
‘Artodidact’ in 2009, and she’s in the midst of writing a book about self-education as an artist. She recently returned from a self-designed internship with a ceramic artist in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
While her medium of choice and area of expertise is clay (specifically: functional, wheel thrown, mid-range stoneware), Brenna is passionate about all manner of visual art.

Living the Unschool Life: How it Works & Why talk by Christine Yablonski 57:19 minutes, 55 mb

Whenever someone is first learning about unschooling, they have commonly expected concerns and questions. Each question really is asking “how does this possibly work?” By including the “why it
works” some people can take the “how we do it” descriptions and process it into how *they* can now do it- it’s not simply that we are so different that it just happens to work for us.

Christine Yablonski I am the mom of Kimi and Shaun and the wife of Phil Biegler. We’ve been a Radical Unschooling family since 2004. Before I became a mom, I earned a BA in psychology, with minors in education
and philosophy, from Clark University, and a MA in counseling psychology, with a focus on children and adolescents, from Boston College. I worked in residential treatment centers as a Child
Specialist and Child Therapist. After I became a mom, I became a leader and board member of many volunteer organizations.
When my kids began public school I volunteered several times a month at both classrooms. When we turned to unschooling, I was a parent/instructor at our local homeschooling co-op. We
attended as many unschooling events and conferences as we could and made some wonderful friendsalong the way. Last year our family was profiled on several TV and radio programs about radical
unschooling families.

The Play’s the Thing! talk by Tiffani Bearup
47:37 minutes, 45.7 mb

Human beings have the most heightened ability to play compared to any other animal on the planet. We play with words, play with ideas, play with emotions, play the field, to name a few. This ability to
play goes hand in hand with developing higher cognitive skills and is a powerful partner with learning. In fact, “play is the beginning of knowledge.” Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, and scores of
other “play advocates” understood this but very few people today value it as the amazing resource it is!
As unschoolers, we have a unique ability to harness this play power to a degree that is rare in the “outside” world. My presentation will focus on how to embrace, encourage, appreciate, and foster fun
and play into our unschooling lives which in turn broadens our ability (and our children’s ability) to develop a strong lifelong learning foundation.
Tiffani Bearup
I used to be a pretty average, run of the mill, standard issue woman trying to figure out life in suburbia and my place in it. Then I started unschooling about 5 years ago and things got a little crazy! Crazy good! By giving my kids trust, freedom, a personal voice, and the power to make their lives their own, the world opened up for me as well.
I advocate for: play!, positive and attached parenting, whole learning, unschooling, photography, video games as valuable learning tools, mindfulness, simplifying and pancakes for dinner.

Roadblocks & Roundabouts: Overcoming Obstacles to Unschooling
Ronnie Maier 1:10:30 minutes, 67.7 mb

If unschooling is a journey- and it certainly has been for my family- it is one that is peppered with obstacles. In fact, an unschooling journey is often defined by the obstacles that we encounter and the
choices that we make as we navigate our way over, under, around, or through those obstacles. In this presentation, we’ll look at some of the common and surprising obstacles that we face as unschooling
parents, and we’ll explore some tools, tips, and tricks for navigating those obstacles with joy and practicality.

For Ronnie Maier, it’s all about the journey. This includes more than her fair share of fun and interesting travels but refers more to a life journey that is all about transformations. She has gone from traditional parent to radical unschooler, ball-and-chain wife to peaceful partner, control freak to free spirit (okay, she’s still working on that one), and wounded child to happy individual. In and around all that, Ronnie has held a variety of jobs related to words and is currently a selfemployed
technical writer in the software industry. She is “Mom” to 8-year unschooling veterans MJ (18) and Chloe (17) and well loved wife to her partner in crime, Frank.

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