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West River Academy “the unschooler’s school”

West River Academy is the unschooler’s dream “school”. Sounds like an oxymoron, right? As an unschooling mom, I was searching for a school that would do exactly what I wanted and couldn’t find one. So I started my own. That was back in 1993. Now, two decades later, we are still ┬áthe only school I have found that TRUSTS PARENTS 100%!

West River Academy offers a $325 per year family enrollment fee. We leave you alone unless you need our help. You can send us a yearly progress report on your kids if you want; if you don’t, we don’t chase you.

West River Academy lets you unschool to your heart’s delight without having to report to the school district. We are accredited, so when your unschooling is done, you can graduate with a high school diploma and transcript. Having a transcript alleviates having to create a homeschooler’s portfolio for college admissions.

If this sounds like a fit for your family, please give me a call at 949-492-5240. And visit our official website:

I look forward to meeting you.

Peggy Webb, Director

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