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Pam Laricchia: When Won’t Unschooling Work Well?

Pam Laricchia

When Won’t Unschooling Work Well?

I have heard time and again that unschooling will work well for anyone. I’ve said it too. And it can work well for any child–IF the parent(s) nurture and model a supportive learning environment. What might that look like? What characteristics in the parent(s) lend themselves to modelling a love of life-long learning? It’s not about comparing ourselves to some model of unschooling perfection; that’s too simple and won’t work well because defining “perfect” assumes a typical “parent” and a typical “child”. It is about understanding how unschooling works deeply enough to take those characteristics and use them in support of our own unique children. So let’s dig in and have some fun!

~ Pam Laricchia

Pam Laricchia
Pam loves, learns, and lives joyfully with her family in Ontario, Canada. Unschooling since 2002, she particularly enjoys seeing her children (soon to be 20, 18, and 15), live with such incredible intention. She says, “Choosing the best path for themselves from the rich palate of life gives them so many opportunities to learn about themselves: it’s not always easy, but it is incredible.” When moments appear in the flow of her family’s lives, she enjoys writing, puzzles, word games, web programming, and baking. Her book, Free to Learn, is now available as an ebook and she writes semi-regularly on her blog and website, where you’ll find a collection of her previously published articles and talks.

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