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Anna Brown: It’s All About Me


~ Anna Brown

The hardest yet most profound lesson I’m still learning about on this unschooling and parenting journey is really so simple. It’s all about me. When I feel resistance, conflict, fear, those are opportunities to dig deep and do the work to get out of my own way. The faster I peel back those layers and deal with my baggage the faster I’m able to really be there for my children, husband or friends, to support them and help them live their best lives. I’ll touch on siblings, fear of the future and other hot button areas, including the frustration that can surface when you just don’t want one more lesson!

After the talk, I’d love to have an exploration of how others have seen this play out. We can talk about specific situations, look for solutions together, and find ways to shift our thinking together. I’m always so inspired by that collaborative energy!

Anna Brown

I live in Charlotte, NC with David and our 2 amazing daughters who are 12 and 14!! Afton, our oldest, led us to radical unschooling as a toddler. Thanks to John Holt and watching this amazing child, it was clear from the start that we were meant to explore the world together. When our second daughter, Raelin, came along it was just further confirmation. Thirteen years later we are still loving every minute of this life. Even when there are challenges, we trust that our bond, foundation of support and love will see us through. It always has!

I enjoy talking and writing about living consensually and sharing the joys of connecting with our children and with those around us. I love exploring the power of our thoughts to create the life we want. I identify so with the Shine list and this community because of the focus on JOY and on connecting with our children! That energy changes lives!!

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