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TUC Special Collection ~ Francette

TUC Special Franctte

The Toronto Unschooling Conference has put together a special collection of talks all by Francette Fey!

You get 4 inspiring talks all available for immediate MP3 download!

Francette Fey

Living with her most amazing 11 year old daughter in South East Michigan, Francette has found her home. Home had always seemed elusive until the birth of her only child. The baby arrived with a gift: the key needed to free what was in her mother’s heart. Through her daughter, Francette discovered she could be at home in her own skin. She very much wants to be a “full time” stay at home mom, but current circumstances require that she enjoy being an on-campus and online instructor/facilitator at the local University and College. Although Francette works as an academic, she and her daughter have only known the free and happy lives of unschoolers.
TUC 2011 -
Francette’s Talk: Unstrung Heroes

There are parts of parenting that make us feel good; you know the stuff we do with, and for, our kids that generate a sense of satisfaction in the process. But, there’s the other side of parenting where we can feel challenged. Sometimes we have to deal with our own anger, our own frustrations, our own sadness, our own confusion, while simultaneously helping our kids do the same. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed at times. It’s these challenges that allow us to grow as parents, and allow our kids to see our humanness, as well as our uniqueness, and most importantly how to navigate through these feelings. Francette will share her epiphanies of parenting through the challenges while staying true to her radical unschooling beliefs.
TUC 2010 -
Francette’s Talk: R U Parenting?

Unschooling is fundamentally an educational philosophy based on children learning by living in the “real” world as opposed to the artificial environment of school, or school at home. The rest of the child’s unschooled life often looks like any other schooled child’s life minus the school work. Radical unschooling approaches the entire life of a child from the radical perspective that children live consensually with their parents. Their lives look very different from the lives of other children. It is often misconstrued that parents become less involved in the child’s life, but nothing could be further from the truth. Francette will discuss the joys and challenges associated with parenting the unschooled child.
TUC 2008 -
Francette Fey’s: Dream Weaving

Unschooling families are free from the academic constraints and stresses of formal education thus providing the ideal environment for dreams to flourish. Whether a sleeping infant dreams of nursing, a toddler daydreams about flying, a child aspires to be a gold medalist at the Olympics, or a teenager longs to own the latest and greatest video game console, all children have dreams. In fact, not only do children have dreams, but parents do as well. Parents can encourage their children’s dreams while supporting their own, helping make everyone’s dreams a reality as often as possible. Dream weaving is when dreams of the past are woven with the dreams of the present and the dreams of the children are connected with the dreams of their siblings and parents. Francette will share the joys and challenges of dream weaving through her family’s experiences. 56 minutes Download Immediately!
TUC 2007 -
Francette Fey’s: Piglet’s Inspiration: A Radical Unschooling Story

One of the most commonly shared experiences of radical unschoolers is dealing with the mainstream ideas and beliefs of family members, friends, neighbors, coaches, instructors, acquaintances, strangers, and sometimes ourselves. Of the many gifts a radically unschooling family will bestow upon their children an important one is advocacy. It is up to the parents to advocate on behalf of their children so that the children can grow knowing they are loved for the wonderful individuals that they are. Join Francette as she discusses how to know when parental intervention is needed on behalf of our children, how to find peaceful solutions for our children to the many situations that may arise (or have arisen), and what happens if we don’t. 38 minutes. Download Immediately

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