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TUC Special Collection ~ AnneO

TUC Special AnneO

The Toronto Unschooling Conference has put together a special collection of talks all by AnneO!

You get 7 inspiring talks all available for immediate MP3 download!

Anne Ohman

I was introduced to unschooling when my Jake was born, really (1990). I saw all that he was learning in JOY just from LIVING! And as he grew older, he continued to show me that THIS was the life that he needed in order to Shine. I chose to continue to trust him, listen to him, believe him and follow him… ESPECIALLY when he indicated that “teaching” him anything unbidden was insulting to his mind and spirit, and was also interrupting the flow of his own life and learning. Since then, I have been thinking about, learning about, talking about and writing about how children learn and live joyfully via this glorious path called unschooling.
TUC 2011 -
Anne’s Talk: This is Where Unschooling Lives ~ Take Two

A photograph…a snapshot…a moment frozen in time. This particular snapshot contains two kids. On the outside, it looks very simple, perhaps even quite ordinary. But the path leading up to this frozen-in-time-moment is actually quite extraordinary…one that involves a choice by the parents to follow the children and their needs/desires/and interests from the moment they were born. This path is strewn quite abundantly with Trust, Respect, Honor, Celebration, Laughter, Tears, Growing, Learning, Evolving…all converging into rich full lives and deep family connections. Join Anne as she revisits a snapshot that became the topic of her conference talk (of the same name) at the 2005 Live & Learn Unschooling Conference…revisiting that year when her boys were 14 and 11, and connecting it to now, with her boys being 20 and 17.
TUC 2009:
Anne Ohman’s: What’s So Radical About Radical Unschooling?

The living is in the learning, and with radical unschooling, the living is MIGHTY! Anne Ohman will be exploring various aspects of this glorious unschooling life, with a light shining specifically on that part that makes it all so very radical.
TUC 2008 -
Anne Ohman’s: Get Out of Your Head and Into the Moment

Unschooling is in the living, and there’s no need to look any further than *this* very moment in life for all the glory that unschooling is! Anne will share her core beliefs and ideas about unschooling, especially those that have allowed her to let go of the voices of yesterday and the worry about tomorrow and choose to be Fully Present with her children in this moment. Wonderful things are waiting to happen!
TUC 2007 -
Anne Ohman’s: Peace and Flow and Light

If you were to ask my children, ages 16 and 13, what unschooling is, they might not be able to tell you a lot about it, even though it’s all they’ve ever known. They do not live their days thinking about how unschooling is real learning from life. They live their days focused ON that life. That is their job as unschoolers. To Live. While my job as an unschooling parent has more layers, my focus is never on how to get my children to learn. My job is learning how to bring Peace to our home and our hearts, how to allow the flow of life to show us our direction, and how to allow my children to Shine so brightly from being Exactly Who They Are that their Light allows me to see the Truth of the world more clearly.

Anne Ohman’s: My Mantra: More and This is How We Give

In Connections, an ezine of unschooling and mindful parenting, Anne Ohman shares her journey with readers in her column called “Oh, How We Shine!” Pull up a chair and listen as she reads two of her favorite articles, “My Mantra: More” and “This Is How We Give”, and gifts us with her insights and a glimpse into the lives of her always-unschooled family.
TUC 2006 -
Anne Ohman’s: This Is Where Unschooling Lives

Join Anne as she examines one oh-so-ordinary snapshot moment in her children’s unschooling lives. See for yourself all of the connections that just one day can bring, as she shares stories and information about how her family came to live in this space where infinite possibilities exist (and how you can too!)… this glorious place called unschooling.

Anne Ohman’s: “I Am What I Am” and In Search of Riverglass … Finding Unschooling

“I Am What I Am”: An inspiring essay based on a simple, yet profound note written by Anne’s son Jake when he was eight years old, who has always been celebrated for being exactly Who He Is. “In Search of Riverglass … Finding Unschooling”: Take a walk with Anne as she searches the shores of the Delaware River in Pennsylvania for smooth, gently colored pieces of riverglass ~ pull up a chair and listen to the inspiring stories and connections she shares about life and passion and real learning.

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