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TUC Special Collection ~ Amy

TUC Special Amy

The Toronto Unschooling Conference has put together a special collection of talks all by Amy Carpenter Leugs!

You get 2 amazing talks available for immediate MP3 download!

TUC 2009 -
Amy Carpenter Leugs’: Wholeness: In Search of Our Children’s Gardens

Where can children in today’s world go to find their whole, true, full Self? Where can families go to find their true center, their guiding principle? Join Amy Carpenter Leugs as she explores unschooling as a place — a surprising land of both fairy and fact, a homeland and a place of adventure, where the splits and opposites of our modern lives can come together into wonder-filled wholeness. 53 minutes. Download Immediately!
TUC 2007 -
Amy Carpenter Leug’s Awareness: A Soulgazer’s View of Unschooling

As unschooling parents, we have the tremendous honor to witness our children’s learning as it grows into true awareness. Awareness of self, society, the world and their link to it — all of these and more pour forth as our children make connections and build their unique vision of reality. In traditionally schooled society, the word “learning” often carries the connotation of an intellectual process, separate from body and spirit. But the word “awareness” describes how much more substantial and soulful the unschooling life can be. How can unschooling parents tap into the rich and flowing meanings of “awareness”? It begins with an abiding respect for the child’s soul, that mystery that lies deep within them and makes them who they are. The soul of a free child is a wondrous thing — a complex river that rushes, swirls, cascades, twists and bends around back on itself. Are we up to appreciating this gift? Download Immediately.


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