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2011 TUC – Anne’s Talk: This is Where Unschooling Lives ~ Take Two

Toronto Unschooling Conference

Anne’s Talk: This is Where Unschooling Lives ~ Take Two

A photograph…a snapshot…a moment frozen in time. This particular snapshot contains two kids. On the outside, it looks very simple, perhaps even quite ordinary. But the path leading up to this frozen-in-time-moment is actually quite extraordinary…one that involves a choice by the parents to follow the children and their needs/desires/and interests from the moment they were born. This path is strewn quite abundantly with Trust, Respect, Honor, Celebration, Laughter, Tears, Growing, Learning, Evolving…all converging into rich full lives and deep family connections. Join Anne as she revisits a snapshot that became the topic of her conference talk (of the same name) at the 2005 Live & Learn Unschooling Conference…revisiting that year when her boys were 14 and 11, and connecting it to now, with her boys being 20 and 17.

Price: $5.00

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