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2009 TUC – Francette Fey’s: Piglet’s Inspiration


Francette Fey’s: Piglet’s Inspiration: A Radical Unschooling Story – One of the most commonly shared experiences of radical unschoolers is dealing with the mainstream ideas and beliefs of family members, friends, neighbors, coaches, instructors, acquaintances, strangers, and sometimes ourselves. Of the many gifts a radically unschooling family will bestow upon their children an important one is advocacy. It is up to the parents to advocate on behalf of their children so that the children can grow knowing they are loved for the wonderful individuals that they are. Join Francette as she discusses how to know when parental intervention is needed on behalf of our children, how to find peaceful solutions for our children to the many situations that may arise (or have arisen), and what happens if we don’t.

Price: $5.00

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