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2009 TUC – Carlo Ricci’s: Learning To Read Naturally


Carlo Ricci’s: Learning To Read Naturally – Sometimes we get stuck doing things in certain ways and invest so much energy in trying to do what we have always done better, that we do not substantively and fundamentally challenge what we are doing and explore what others are doing. In this talk I hope to get us to rethink how we teach reading and share what other ways people are using to successfully learn to read. In our current system of mainstream schooling, I believe it would be safe to generalize that at least two assumptions around learning to read are prevalent: First, that children should learn to read early and, second, that learning to read requires deliberate systematic and plenty of intervention from someone else. Through personal experience, other people‚Äôs experiences and what researchers and scholars say, I hope to share how people learn to successfully read on their own at different ages and by asking for help when they need it rather than having instruction externally imposed on them.

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