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2009 TUC All Talks


TUC 2009 All Conference Talks-

Anne Ohman’s: What’s So Radical About Radical Unschooling? -The living is in the learning, and with radical unschooling, the living is MIGHTY! Anne Ohman will be exploring various aspects of this glorious unschooling life, with a light shining specifically on that part that makes it all so very radical.

Carlo Ricci’s: Learning To Read Naturally – Sometimes we get stuck doing things in certain ways and invest so much energy in trying to do what we have always done better, that we do not substantively and fundamentally challenge what we are doing and explore what others are doing. In this talk I hope to get us to rethink how we teach reading and share what other ways people are using to successfully learn to read. In our current system of mainstream schooling, I believe it would be safe to generalize that at least two assumptions around learning to read are prevalent: First, that children should learn to read early and, second, that learning to read requires deliberate systematic and plenty of intervention from someone else. Through personal experience, other people‚Äôs experiences and what researchers and scholars say, I hope to share how people learn to successfully read on their own at different ages and by asking for help when they need it rather than having instruction externally imposed on them.

Francette Fey’s: Piglet’s Inspiration: A Radical Unschooling Story – One of the most commonly shared experiences of radical unschoolers is dealing with the mainstream ideas and beliefs of family members, friends, neighbors, coaches, instructors, acquaintances, strangers, and sometimes ourselves. Of the many gifts a radically unschooling family will bestow upon their children an important one is advocacy. It is up to the parents to advocate on behalf of their children so that the children can grow knowing they are loved for the wonderful individuals that they are. Join Francette as she discusses how to know when parental intervention is needed on behalf of our children, how to find peaceful solutions for our children to the many situations that may arise (or have arisen), and what happens if we don’t.

Cindy Bablitz’s: But What About Math? – Next to, “But what about socialization?” the “But what about math?” question is one of the most common misperceptions about the potential shortcomings of a radically unschooled life. The myth that mathematics is the one school subject that can’t reasonably be ‘covered’ unschoolingly is brilliantly easy to debunk — and for reasons you might not expect. Explore with Cindy how radical unschooling organically incorporates the beauty of mathematics into a life balanced with all manner of other artistic and creative endeavors.

Amy Carpenter Leugs’: Wholeness: In Search of Our Children’s Gardens – Where can children in today’s world go to find their whole, true, full Self? Where can families go to find their true center, their guiding principle? Join Amy Carpenter Leugs as she explores unschooling as a place — a surprising land of both fairy and fact, a homeland and a place of adventure, where the splits and opposites of our modern lives can come together into wonder-filled wholeness.

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