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2008 TUC – Francette Fey’s: Dream Weaving


Francette Fey’s: Dream Weaving – Unschooling families are free from the academic constraints and stresses of formal education thus providing the ideal environment for dreams to flourish. Whether a sleeping infant dreams of nursing, a toddler daydreams about flying, a child aspires to be a gold medalist at the Olympics, or a teenager longs to own the latest and greatest video game console, all children have dreams. In fact, not only do children have dreams, but parents do as well. Parents can encourage their children’s dreams while supporting their own, helping make everyone’s dreams a reality as often as possible. Dream weaving is when dreams of the past are woven with the dreams of the present and the dreams of the children are connected with the dreams of their siblings and parents. Francette will share the joys and challenges of dream weaving through her family’s experiences.

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