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2008 TUC All Talks


TUC 2008 All Conference Talks -
Anne Ohman’s: Get Out of Your Head and Into the Moment – Unschooling is in the living, and there’s no need to look any further than *this* very moment in life for all the glory that unschooling is! Anne will share her core beliefs and ideas about unschooling, especially those that have allowed her to let go of the voices of yesterday and the worry about tomorrow and choose to be Fully Present with her children in this moment. Wonderful things are waiting to happen!

Carlo Ricci’s Freedom: Children Are Capable – Children are among the last acceptably oppressed group. The way to release them from this condition is to give them rights that they currently do not have, but need to have. Unschoolers are in a unique position to lead this battle and to convince the rest of the world that children are capable. I know this intuitively and from my personal experience, which I will share.

Cindy Bablitz’s: A Covenant to Compassion: One Unschooling Mother’s Healing Journey – Nine years ago, Cindy Bablitz and her husband Gary found themselves in the fallout of a business no longer viable, homeless and penniless. The moment also found them expecting — after more than four years of infertility — their first child. Come and hear the story of how this babe, born with a potentially fatal heart defect, and his two brothers who followed, led one mother on a healing journey that ultimately led to unschooling. “Committing to unschooling with my sons at first felt like a gift I was giving to them,” Cindy says. “But lately I’ve been connecting the dots between ‘their’ unschooling and my own healing from a life of confinement, criticism, chaos and conditional love.” Learn how this family’s joyful foray along a mindful path of holistic wellness and authentic meaning has been rooted in unschooly reverence for freedom, compassion, curiousity and unconditional love.

Francette Fey’s: Dream Weaving – Unschooling families are free from the academic constraints and stresses of formal education thus providing the ideal environment for dreams to flourish. Whether a sleeping infant dreams of nursing, a toddler daydreams about flying, a child aspires to be a gold medalist at the Olympics, or a teenager longs to own the latest and greatest video game console, all children have dreams. In fact, not only do children have dreams, but parents do as well. Parents can encourage their children’s dreams while supporting their own, helping make everyone’s dreams a reality as often as possible. Dream weaving is when dreams of the past are woven with the dreams of the present and the dreams of the children are connected with the dreams of their siblings and parents. Francette will share the joys and challenges of dream weaving through her family’s experiences.

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