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Whatever Happened to Mother?

Whatever Happened to Mother

Dr. Kimmel was a kind and gentle man who radiated warmth and love. His special vision and clear understanding of children’s needs and rights has helped families around the world to treat their children with love and compassion. We are pleased to offer his wonderfully insightful book.


A society that is not responsible to its children, that does not provide them with what they need, will breed a population ofWhatever Happened to Mother asocial and anti-social individuals. Even more destructive to children, in terms of their individual mental health, is a society that pretends to be responsible to its children, when it is not. Its children will not even know what they need. They will be alienated from their human requirement of nurturing.

“A wonderfully fresh perspective on the issue of mothering in contemporary society. Everyone should read it.”
- Elliott Barker, M.D.,Director, The Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

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