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The Unschooling Happiness Project – eBook

A Guide to Living A Happy and Fulfilling Life Through Love and Creativity

“It was a nice blend of stories, practical advice and philosophical musings.” – Chris, An Eclectic Odyssey


How the project started: I blogged a lot when I was a new mother, especially after the birth of my second child when things got extra intense in my life as an unconventional mother trying to find my way without much real-life support or direction. I clung to the ideals of “attachment parenting,” “the continuum concept,” “compassionate communication,” etc., and struggled to apply the practices out of context.


Anyway, some of you might remember my blog, Mother Anarchy, which I wrote for a few years. I still have it all archived, because I didn’t want to delete something I put so much energy into, and because I miss the daily journaling that I don’t seem to find time or energy for these day. So, I’m thinking I’d like to revive all that writing, along with some commentary, and put it into book form. It shouldn’t take too long…


… And it didn’t. Read the first 20 pages »

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