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Recordkeeping For Unschoolers – eBook

Journal, samples, and legal reference

“The best record keeping book ever! Tells about legal requirements, Shows samples, and ideas. I love the words of encouragement at the bottom of the pages. A great tool!” – jacksonhome371


A journal for documenting the learning activities of unschoolers (life learners, relaxed homeschoolers, etc.), with tips and information on record keeping and legal requirements, as well as inspirational excerpts from the handbook, Unschooling: A Lifestyle of Learning.


Some parents enjoy keeping records, some don’t, and some do it only in order to meet legal requirements. Records can serve as keepsakes for personal recollection, as well as for reference for future college and job applications. In any case,  for those homeschoolers who don’t categorize learning into subjects.


Also available as a spiral-bound journal.

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