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Spirituality to me is life. Every thought, feeling, idea, inspiration, project, every breath is about spirituality.

I offer the possibility to let go of ideas of what life is, what it is supposed to be, where it begins, where it ends. To embrace the reality that there is nothing that we have to do, nothing that we have to be, nothing we should do or be & that nothing matters but what we make matter.


This brings forth an unprecedented amount of freedom & possibility. The only question them becomes do you want to live in unconditional freedom? Do you want to live & breath abundant opportunity in a fulfilling enjoyable form constantly changing based on your now?

I don’t share right or wrong good or bad I share possibility. For we only know what we know. Its all ok but many experiences feel more enjoyable/fulfilling than others. These are the ones that we “like/want” more of in our lives & it’s ok!

Life is based on a principle of abundance. There is so much to offer out there, so much opportunity & possibility. It’s really more about letting go than it is about what we do. Taping in, embracing & allowing that source to flow through us in magical ways.

Life has so much beauty to experience & share. There is always enough, we don’t have to get it done it is ok to enjoy & do what we love because we love what we do. It is all OK.

I am offering a reduced rate of $45 per hour for all consulting sessions via The Unschooler’s Emporium as I am grateful for this site and feel great potential for the Self Design movement this site is helping to support*

The awareness that I would like to be known concerning these various facilitated reality options is that I hold very clear focused space, really optimizing enhancement of life in a very short “time” period. One hour of such focus & clarity can be like life times of process. I do not work with systems or formulas thus allowing process to unfold & awaken in a very efficient manner completely based on the persons involved in the now at hand.

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Price: $45.00

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