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Silence Within Sound – MP3

silence within

Enjoy Quinn’s beautiful music on the didgeridoo!

Silence Within Sound is a culmination of a very powerful journey for me with the didgeridoo while also activating a whole new spectrum of possibilities.
When I first came in contact with the didgeridoo I was not nor had I had much interest in being a musician nor was anyone in my family a musician, yet I knew that I was going to get one & that this instrument was going to have huge influence in my life to come~

Over 45 minutes of amazing sound!



I sat with the Didgeridoo for a day just being in communion with the potent potential…..My mind was having trouble because I felt the deep resonance with this instrument yet did not know how to play…….I realized I was not going to LEARN how to play the didgeridoo, I was just going to PLAY*
While I knew that I could just instantly download didgeridoo consciousness & play just like that I chose to do a meditation to connect with this consciousness, as instantaneous was just a bit much for me at the time hehehe~
As I was in meditation I could feel the energetics become part of my awareness & before the end of the next day I was playing full on with the rhyme & harmony of the didgeridoo~ Circle breathing, mouth, tongue, abdominal muscles & other various physical abilities were needed and were integrated with in that day*
The essence of that which I connected with on that day is what comes through me still when I play……There have been some evolutions in the “Songs” that I release, do to preference for change and expansion*
I played for a whole year all for my self without any desire to play for any other reason because the experience of the vibrations were so powerful. One day I met a lady who happened to hear me play & said it was so powerful she wanted to share it with everyone she knew……So we began “Didgeridoo Journeys”….For an hour plus all participants would lie on the floor in candle light as I played & played with multiple didgeridoos completely changing the whole reality of the room. As people would come to we would look at each other & smile knowing that the energetics shared were so powerful words seemed hilarious….So we would laugh & laugh hahahahhahahaha*
For about a year I did this fulfilled & in love with the process~ Until one day I was at a coffee shop that had an open mic. I was asked to play the didgeridoo & while until that moment having no desire to play with electronics or sound effects I said yes. I LOVED it :-)
After that night I knew that it was time to record a CD…..I spent hours & hours researching the equipment & software I would need to record my own album…..Being as I am that was the only way I wished to proceed & within 3 weeks had all the equipment I needed to start recording*
Every single song is compiled of all sounds coming through Quinn……They are all played, recorded & edited in my own studio in complete communion of sound. This process for me was as fulfilling & enjoyable a process as I have had & am so thankful to be able to share it this way*

1. BlessedSound
2. HarmoniousHigh
3. Mah Umm Humm
4. Mah Umm Humm Intense Drum
5. Monks Palace
6. Peyote Paradise
7. Sound Flows
8. Didgeridoo Poetry

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