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Relationships are a huge part of life & too many of us the most important part of life. Life without relationships would be quite different indeed. Relationships are important whether it be a romantic relationship or a relationship at work. The more intertwined we become the more intense the relationship becomes. The more involved we are the more of our & quinn eaker relationshiptheir baggage surface, bringing forth unique dynamics.


Often time’s relationships are such a personal thing that they progress or end without much outside influence. Often times our stuff gets mixed with their stuff & theirs with ours creating experiences & feelings that don’t come up with other people.

We are all different but it is possible to utilize what we have to offer, what others have to offer, what we like about others, while being ok with differences & even enjoying them.

I find that by actually focusing on our side of the experience, the aspect we are clear on, have control over & can influence, while letting go of the others process really enhances the relationship. To be in love, dedication, close proximity, or responsibility for another does not mean we have to take on their stuff, have them take on ours, or get caught up the dust that gets stirred up. Simplicity & letting go actually bring a much more enjoyable beneficial relationship of trust, care, respect & appreciation for all involved.

I offer the possibility of personal empowerment in relationships, finding clarity on what is really really important in a particular relationship & letting go of the rest. There is actually no need to give up or compromise that which is important to us to have a healthy, productive, enjoyable relationship on a powerful level. This also benefits the other because they are now freed up of process that is created by the mixing or inter dynamic relationship involvement. I offer the movement from complex possibly stressful relationships to simple easy flowing relationships based on what is really important to you. IT WORKS.

I am offering a reduced rate of $45 per hour for all consulting sessions via The Unschooler’s Emporium as I am grateful for this site and feel great potential for the Self Design movement this site is helping to support*

The awareness that I would like to be known concerning these various facilitated reality options is that I hold very clear focused space, really optimizing enhancement of life in a very short “time” period. One hour of such focus & clarity can be like life times of process. I do not work with systems or formulas thus allowing process to unfold & awaken in a very efficient manner completely based on the persons involved in the now at hand.

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