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Parenting is not something that we all necessarily do in this life, however it is something that most all of us have had done to us in this life. I believe for the most part that weather it is normal or not we were all abused growing up. When I say abuse it doesn’t have to mean being beat, molested or something that is normally thought of as abuse. To me abuse it control, manipulation, force, authority, corrosion, & other such forms of experiences we have growing up with that are quinn eaker parentingnormal/ok/tolerated/accepted.


When a child is born it is in pure potential. It is the world that it is born into that is full of fear, limitation, doubt, control, manipulation, war & many realities that don’t feel good. As children get born into this world & parents raise them in that world as if that is all that there is, then that is all that we know. We only know what we know & until a new possibility comes to light. This is what I have to offer. New possibility, possibility based from pure potential. This is space we can hold for our children who are far more connected & free or space we can hold for our self’s.

I do not believe that most parents consciously try to abuse their children, for I do believe that parents do love their children & really want them to be happy in their heart. However most of life is not lived from that deep space of love. I hear so often, life isn’t easy, life is hard, you don’t get something for nothing. I hear people saying you don’t get to do what you want to, do you do what you HAVE to do. Most people grow up in an environment with many realities that have to be done, that should be done, that are right, that are good etc etc. People feel powerless, helpless or in capable of doing extraordinairy things. People feel fear & doubt of stepping out of their world into the unknown. People complain about the world that has been created & the way other people act in it. This then all becomes true, for it is the way the world works. It is NOT however the ONLY way or the way it HAS to be.

This is most assuredly for any parent, but it is really for anyone as well. For we were all children once & may yet again be. From a place of knowing what we want, knowing what we like & playing with life as if it were ok to do so.

Children have so many examples to share with us for they know what they want; they are uninhibited in expression & communication. When allowed the freedom to explore this with the nurturing & support to expand greatness is realized, lived & evolved. Children are capable of many realities that parents don’t even know are possible. As a parent one doesn’t need to teach or guide the way but allow the way to be created from that place of connection that just is. Life makes sense, intuition & feelings are in place as a compass to success. Just because you grew up being treated as incapable until taught doesn’t mean you have to or that your kids have to.

As a parent there really is much less that needs to be done & in fact much more to be let go of. Parenting can be quite eaay & enjoyable from this state of existence for not only is so much energy freed up from control but so much potential in the child is allowed to flourish thus developing a very independent, capable child which then needs very little.

Let our children & the child inside of us be free to play& flourish in this life. It is most abundantly enjoyable indeed.

I am offering a reduced rate of $45 per hour for all consulting sessions via The Unschooler’s Emporium as I am grateful for this site and feel great potential for the Self Design movement this site is helping to support*

The awareness that I would like to be known concerning these various facilitated reality options is that I hold very clear focused space, really optimizing enhancement of life in a very short “time” period. One hour of such focus & clarity can be like life times of process. I do not work with systems or formulas thus allowing process to unfold & awaken in a very efficient manner completely based on the persons involved in the now at hand.

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