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Wellness has been a passion of mine ever since I realized how fantastic it feels to be uber healthy, energized & tuned into connection with my body. I know what it feels like to be weak, sickly, prone to allergies, & colds due to a weak immune system. It is not enjoyable, though for many it just is the way it is & is actually considered normal. People think that getting colds is normal, people think that germs cause sickness, people think that being tired after meals is the way it is, that coffee or other stimulants are needed to be alert & energized.  Many believe that having wrinkles in their skin or grey hair is just what comes with age. These are all common realities that are far from the only possibility. Just because it is normal or because millions are experiencing it does not mean that it is the way it is designed or has to be.

I have not been sick in so long now with even as much as a cold, it is hard to remember what it feels like to be sick, I’m thinking 8 years. I have no fear of being around people that are sick or being in contact with germs. There was a girl at my house recently who we found out had staff. Many people were worried because she had been sleeping in our beds, using our toilets & everything else with no precautions to this spreadable condition. I on the other had, did not worry at all because I knew that my immune system was far stronger than staff. Sometimes at parties or gatherings where the topics of health comes up I lick the floors as demonstration of germs just being a normal part of life & the issue not being  germs but our immune system. For we are constantly around germs, bacteria, & sickness. The only question is;  are we strong enough to deal with it. The body is designed to be able to deal with all of these things. However with a depleted system this becomes too much to deal with & sickness is very likely.

Wellness is about a lot more than diets, supplements, super foods, or therapies. Wellness is about being in a state of body connection where respect, honor & listening to our bodies is a day to day aspect of life.  One in a relationship such as this will find that our bodies are highly capable, knowing what is needed in all situations.

There are so many aspects to living in a strong, energized beautiful body. All of our bodies are different as are our living situations. This is why not every diet or health fad works for everyone.  To be really healthy it’s important to be living from a place of awareness & connection with one’s body rather than by some formula or system designed by another.  Most diets that people go on do not last for very long because it comes from a place of control & outside influence. It doesn’t feel fulfilling to eat by rules designed by someone but our self’s. It doesn’t feel good to say I can’t eat this or can’t do that to be healthy.

I eat whatever I want whenever I want; I sometimes don’t sleep for days I sometimes sleep for 10 hours. Because I am aware & listening to my body I know what I need when I need it so that I can’t even get into a space of being vulnerable to sickness.  Our bodies are designed to be highly capable, resilient, & renewable. It also requires some honor & respect.

Living in a body that is in a condition of energized wellness can be easy, enjoyable, empowering & based on freedom.  Until one knows how great it feels to live in this kind of body it is hard to understand how worthwhile it is. For everything changes in such a body. Our work output is higher, our ability to focus is enhanced, we sleep better, we move better, & we look better.

I am offering a reduced rate of $45 per hour for all consulting sessions via The Unschooler’s Emporium as I am grateful for this site and feel great potential for the Self Design movement this site is helping to support*

The awareness that I would like to be known concerning these various facilitated reality options is that I hold very clear focused space, really optimizing enhancement of life in a very short “time” period. One hour of such focus & clarity can be like life times of process. I do not work with systems or formulas thus allowing process to unfold & awaken in a very efficient manner completely based on the persons involved in the now at hand.

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