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Coping with Fear and Anxiety While Unschooling


Workshop by Andy Migner

Unschooling, for many of us, is a roller coaster ride of trust and fear. When our bright-eyed curious child is glowing from the pleasure of a new discovery or accomplishment, we relax, certain, that in choosing to unschool, we made the right decision. But a week later, when that same child is at loose ends, the kids are all fighting, we’ve been challenged or criticized by a relative, (or even sometimes for no reason at all), we can fall into the pit of doubt; “Am I doing enough?”, “Am I doing too much?”, “Is this really what’s best for my child?”. In this interactive workshop you will learn tools and strategies for reducing anxiety so that you can spend more time trusting and enjoying both your child and “the ride.”

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Supplied by Pat Farenga

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