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Mindful Tarot Readings


Welcome to Mindful Tarot Readings. I welcome any question you may have about life, love, career, health, and more.

While Tarot readings cannot predict your future, they can give you clarity and insight into certain patterns in your life. In this way, the cards can help you to change those patterns, which may change your future.

I enjoy reading the cards and helping others, so I do readings for that reason rather than “making money”. Whether I spend 15 minutes or an hour on your reading, the price remains the same: $7 per reading.

Because I am a real person (these are not computer generated readings) and do have a loving husband and five wonderful children who I devote much of my time to, it may take up to seven days to receive your reading.

If you feel this is an urgent matter that requires my (and your) immediate attention, I offer two choices for expedited readings: to receive your reading in 3 days it is $10. to receive your reading within 24 hours it is $15.


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