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Wright on Time, Utah Book 2

Wright On Time Book 2

Announcing the second book in a series about an RV living homeschooling family. Each month brings the Wright family to a new state with a new educational theme to explore and play with. They prove that learning can happen all the time, anywhere, and that being with family is fun! Meet Aidan Wright, age 7: Boisterous and joking all the time, this sporty boy knows how to have fun! Meet Nadia Wright, age 11: Curious and fiery, this intellectual girl can always find out answers to even the most difficult questions. Meet their parents, Harrison and Stephanie: Ready to take their kids on adventures of a Wright On Time Book 2lifetime. Meet Prince Pumpkin III, turtle extraordinaire: This 50 year old little guy is holding on tight, as the family RV and mysterious device take him on an adventure no turtle has ever gone on before. Explore a dinosaur dig with the Wrights as they roadschool in Utah. What will Aidan and Nadia discover about the mysterious device they found in Arizona? This series is Wright on Time.

Customer Reviews:

Wayne S. Walker – 5 stars

As the Wright family moves on from their first adventure in Arizona to Utah, what will they find? Harrison Wright, a free-lance journalist, and his wife Stephanie have rented out their home in Tucson, AZ, have taken to the road in an experimental, environmental-friendly RV that was loaned to them, and are homeschooling their children, eleven-year-old Nadia and seven-year-old Aidan, on the road (or “roadschooling” them, as Aidan puts it), so that Harrison can write articles about the various places they plan to visit.
While exploring a cave in Arizona, the Wrights found a mysterious device about the size of an MP3 player that has different glyphs or symbols on it (Egyptian, Mayan, and Chinese). In Utah, they visit a dinosaur dig and with the help of their friends, Arte and Maeve Smith who are a paleontologist and a linguist, try to find out more about the device and what the symbols mean. They do learn that it glows in the dark and seems to be able to provide power for laptop computers! And they also learn a lot about dinosaurs. Do you know what a “furcula” is?
In addition to the interesting plot with its element of mystery surrounding the device, there is a lot of useful information about the geography of Utah and the history of dinosaurs. In the back of the book, there are a glossary of terms used and a page of facts about Utah. Certain parents will want to know that reference is made to the theory of some scientists that particular dinosaurs may be related to birds. Like its predecessor, Wright in Time, Book 2: Utah is both fun and educational (but don’t tell the kids about the educational part–just let them enjoy reading it). After Utah, the Wrights will be off to Wyoming.

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