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2011 LIG ~ All Talks

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All 2011 LIFE is Good Conference Talks:

Dad, Included
Jeff Sabo

In most families, one parent led the way into unschooling, while
the other parent tried to catch up quickly – or fell far, far behind.
In many families it is the Mom who considered the options, did
the research, and began to guide the family in that direction.
Where does that leave Dad? Well, that’s up to everyone in the
entire family – Dad included. In this presentation, Jeff will discuss
how the whole family can work together to make the journey into
unschooling hand-in-hand and with open minds and hearts. Using
examples from his own experience in moving from passive
resistance to active adoption. He’ll talk about how to help get
Dad on board early and often; how to smooth the transition between
home and work; and the critical role that Dads and working
partners play in their own happiness as well as in the success
of an unschooling household. 50 minutes
The Kids are Fine; You’re the Problem
Laura Flynn Endres

Too often, new unschoolers focus solely on what the kids are
doing (or not doing) when really, kids are natural unschoolers.
When not micro-managed to death, kids have plenty of ideas
about how they should spend every waking minute and are little
learning sponges. So what’s the hang-up? Why all the worry?
Because we parents have a lot of baggage to work through,
baggage acquired through our own schooling experiences and
through living, most likely, in households where parents ruled
and kids followed the paths laid out for them. So let’s call it like
it is – the kids are fine, you’re the problem – and let’s examine
the major obstacles parents must overcome in order to fully
embrace the unschooling life. 55 minutes
The Dark Ages—Unschooling Tweens
Kelly Lovejoy

Tweens often seem to slink into the darkness, sleeping, eating,
and grunting. Unschooling tweens maybe even more so. This
cocooning stage is actually full of learning; and when they emerge
on the other side, they are primed and ready for the next big
stage. As unschooling parents, we can face this stage with patience,
understanding, acceptance, and humor. A little faith in
the process doesn’t hurt! 57 minutes
Unschooling: It’s a Mindset, Not a Skill Set
Kelly Lovejoy

Unschooling is not just how we approach education; it’s how we
approach life. We aren’t arming our children with a simple set of
skills, but a mindset that they are capable beings and can do
whatever they desire. 35 minutes
Dad’s Panel

Do you have a burning question for the dads among us? Do you
wonder what goes on in the male psyche when the subject of
unschooling is the topic under discussion? Have you been curious
about what goes down in those SSUDs meetings besides
beer and strippers? Here’s your chance to visit that undiscovered
country called What Goes On in Dads’ Heads. Join a panel
of unschooling dads for a Q&A session. Discover their challenges
and inspirations as they answer your questions and share a
glimpse into the XY perspective. Everyone is welcome. Moderated
by Frank Maier. 41 minutes
Through the Whirlwind of Change
Ginger Sabo

Life happens, even to unschoolers. Whether our life changes
because of our own decisions or because of one of life’s many
curve balls, it is possible to both survive and thrive through change.
In this presentation, Ginger will relay how her family has managed
to stay connected and (most times) happily living a passion
directed life through moves, illness, and changes in their
perception of ‘the good life’.44 minutes

No Rules — Sir, Yes Sir
Ben Lovejoy

Arbitrary rules in the school environment are the same as arbitrary
rules in the home environment: they’re passed along from
one grade or generation to the next without much thought or
questioning of the reason the rules were instituted in the first
place. It is the way it is, and you’ll adapt if you’re gonna be under
the roof of the rule makers.
As unschooling parents, we’re in a great position to change this
for our own children by communicating and opening our own
minds to why things are the way they are. Whether it’s considering
our own misgivings with rules or thinking of a different way to
parent, we need to employ the same critical thinking that led our
families to opt out of school and into the world. When deciding
between guiding principles or some set of hand-me-down rules,
the choice is ours to make. 51 minutes
Creative is a Verb
Patti Digh

Patti will be sharing some readings and talking about her two
newest books: Four-Word Self-Help: Simple Wisdom for Complex
Lives and Creative Is a Verb: If You’re Alive, You’re Creative.
Her smart, funny, and moving writing will touch your heart
deeply. Audiences come away from her readings both laughing
and crying, and with a clearer sense of what’s important in their
own lives.55 minutes

Price: $25.00

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