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2011 LIG – “No Rules-Sir ,Yes Sir” with Ben Lovejoy


No Rules — Sir, Yes Sir
Ben Lovejoy

Arbitrary rules in the school environment are the same as arbitrary
rules in the home environment: they’re passed along from
one grade or generation to the next without much thought or
questioning of the reason the rules were instituted in the first
place. It is the way it is, and you’ll adapt if you’re gonna be under
the roof of the rule makers.
As unschooling parents, we’re in a great position to change this
for our own children by communicating and opening our own
minds to why things are the way they are. Whether it’s considering
our own misgivings with rules or thinking of a different way to
parent, we need to employ the same critical thinking that led our
families to opt out of school and into the world. When deciding
between guiding principles or some set of hand-me-down rules,
the choice is ours to make. 51 minutes

Price: $5.00

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