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2011 LIG – “Dads’ Panel” moderated by Frank Maier

dads' panel

2011 LiG Dad’s Panel – the beginning is clipped off

Do you have a burning question for the dads among us? Do you
wonder what goes on in the male psyche when the subject of
unschooling is the topic under discussion? Have you been curious
about what goes down in those SSUDs meetings besides
beer and strippers? Here’s your chance to visit that undiscovered 
country called What Goes On in Dads’ Heads. Join a panel
of unschooling dads for a Q&A session. Discover their challenges
and inspirations as they answer your questions and share a
glimpse into the XY perspective. Everyone is welcome. Moderated
by Frank Maier. 41 minutes

Price: $5.00

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