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2010 LIG – Pam & Rose Sorooshian ~ No Fear Unschooling

Pam and Rose


Pam & Rose Sorooshian ~ No Fear Unschooling ~ 57 minutes ~

Pam Sorooshian and her 19 year old daughter, Rose, will talk about
their family’s unschooling life together and will address all of your
fears and concerns. Will your child ever learn to read (or write or do
math or whatever it is you’re worried about)? Can a child really know 
what he will eventually need to know? Won’t there be huge gaps in
my child’s education? Aren’t there some things all children really ought
to learn? What if my kid just plays video games all the time? Isn’t too
much TV harmful? How will unschooled kids ever learn to do things
that are unpleasant or difficult? What other lingering concerns or fears
do you have? We’ll examine them all.

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