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2010 LIG – Gail and Broc Higgins ~ Pebbles in the Pond

Gail and Broc

Gail & Broc Higgins ~ Pebbles in the Pond ~ 52 minutes ~

Our unschooling family life is second nature to us now and we are
parents to young adults. Our children’s choices about hobbies, interests,
food, and sleep are now becoming choices about jobs, college,
partners and may soon be about having and parenting our grandchildren.
How will our unschooling lifestyle have an effect on those
choices? Has our unschooling philosophy been an influence on family
and friends whose lives we have touched? What differences will
we see as we move into the next stage of our lives? Join us as we
share stories of our personal journey to radical unschooling and our
hopes for the next generation.

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