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Lost in Learning ~ The Art of Discovery

lost in learning

Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery offers a visually compelling narrative on historical genius and the potential for the same within each of us

Learning may well be the most astounding power on earth.

It shapes entire civilizations and transforms the world, one individual at a time.

Yet, all too often we allow learning to become just a long succession of the three T s: texts, tests and tedium.

Have we lost touch with the wonders of human curiosity, ingenuity and creativity which will ultimately determine the success of our schools, our businesses and society?

For those looking to re-connect learning with their life s aspirations, Eva Koleva Timothy s, Lost in Learning is an invitation to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

These stunning historical photographs breath new life into The Age of Discovery even as the artist s lens provides an illuminating window into human potential.
Genius becomes less a matter of genetics and more about purpose and perspective.

Greatness is not a peculiarity of the past; yet, delving into the past, this work reveals the key to a great secret:

We, like the celebrated luminares of old, are born creators, explorers and dreamers.

This book dramatically illustrates the power of that great potential and the very real opportunity for its realization.

So come set sail with Columbus, soar among the heavens with Galileo, dive into drawings of Da Vinci and discover the passion which moved the masters of an age as they lost themselves in the rapture that is true learning.

This is a beautiful and inspirational book which could only have been born amid the dreaming spires and medieval cloisters of Oxford, where so many life-changing voyages have begun. –Tim Metcalfe, Magazine Editor, The Oxford Times

Eva Koleva Timothy understands that passion is what drove the luminaries and discoverers in our past to study, experiment and fall deeply in love with the process of exploring, innovating and becoming.

Lost in Learning gets to the heart of greatness, helping Moderns see what truly great education has meant throughout history–and what it can be in our day as well. –Oliver and Rachel Demille, Authors of A Thomas Jefferson Education and Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning

Imaginatively photographed and beautifully designed, Lost In Learning engages the reader s curiosity and offers thoughtful insight into the mysteries of learning. –Russell Joslin, Edtor and Publisher, Shots Magazine

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