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Intuitive EFT


What is EFT?

Derived from acupressure, Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is an easy, highly effective method for clearing blocks to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental healing. It is also known as MTT (meridian tapping technique). This is something that anyone can learn to do on their own. While “tapping” on life energy (Holy Spirit, Chi) meridians that run through your body, you say something that has been holding you back or blocking you from healing. This causes the blockage to release or “clear” and healing, peace and balance take place- like a river after a dam has been removed. Click on “How to do EFT” to the right to learn more!

What is Intuitive EFT?

“Intuitive EFT” consists of a one-on-one session with Bronwen Felesina where emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages are discovered through intuitive and empathic processes and eliminated with EFT. With not much effort on the client’s part, major issues and limiting beliefs are very quickly found and “tapped for” to promote healing. These sessions are profoundly efficient and cost effective compared to other therapies. While most people will benefit from more than one session, major and long term results are usually felt after just one session.
a 2 hour session!

What can I expect?

When we meet for the first time, whether in person or by the phone, I will give you an overview of what the session will be like and answer any questions you may have. Then we’ll talk your main concerns and review your intake form (see below). I will also summarize the EFT process. (click on “How to do EFT” at right to learn more). Most clients tap on them selves, while following my lead. I can also tap directly on you.

After our initial talk, I “tune in” to you – sort of like a radio tuned to your frequency. While I am tuned in, I can assess what feelings, beliefs and thoughts you have that will benefit from clearing and what issue needs to be worked on first. As we proceed, you will follow along with me as we tap for issues. I will let you know what we are tapping for, and you can listen and tap on your self. While part of you is actively participating, your conscious mind is not really involved at all. So you can take this time to sort of sit back and enjoy the ride. You can expect to become very emotional, I also become emotional, and you can expect that those powerful emotions will be released.

This process is very intense and discovers and eliminates many issues that you may or may not be aware of. Many people are referred to me or choose to come to me who have trouble finding what “their problem” is, they just know something is wrong. Other people who have greatly benefited from my services are those with PTSD, depression, abusive past, parenting issues, relationship issues, physical pain, addictions, etc. The first session is where very large basic problems are uncovered for example, why you don’t find you are worthy of love and when and how that happened. These major issues need to be really thoroughly cleared before we can move onto other things. For this reason, the first session must be two hours, after that sessions can be smaller amounts of time.

After the session people have described feeling “very tired,” “drained,” wiped out,” “very relaxed,” “peaceful,” I have even had someone fall asleep during the session. These reactions vary with each person and depend on what issues were cleared and how hard you were working to suppress them. These feelings are one reason why most people prefer a home visit or phone call for their sessions.

After your session, I will usually tell you some things you can personally work on with EFT, or might recommend another session or more to get you to the other side of something. Many people find weekly or monthly sessions necessary. Others schedule a session when they have a specific thing they want cleared or just want to get to another level in their healing. The first two hour session is always one of if not the most important session. After you are my client, I am always available by phone to test something for you or help you tap quickly through something.

Home, office or phone sessions:
Most clients prefer their session be performed in the privacy of their own home. I will drive up to a half an hour to arrive at your home, more distance with a prior agreement. If you would like, however, an office visit can be arranged. I can also do phone sessions just as effectively and many people will do their first session in person and then schedule following sessions over the phone.

Do you do kids? or animals?
Yes. Because of the nature of these sessions, it doesn’t matter if the client can talk- because no talking on the part of the client is really necessary. Children and animals have wonderful results with EFT. Depending on their age and how they feel about it, kids can do a session just like adults or I can tap on them, or their mom can tap on them, or I can tap surrogately for them. In my experience, surrogate tapping works well on babies and children under 8. Older than 8, surrogate tapping will work if the child (or adult) welcomes it and is conscious of it, but in that case it is better to help them or their mother to learn EFT. I always tap surrogately for animals. Animal and child sessions last anywhere from one half to two hours.

You can learn more at or call Bronwen at 916-502-2660 to learn more. Be sure to mention The Unschooler’s Emporium to get your discounted price!


“One of the most amazing things is that my daughter worked with Bronwen. After Bronwen did her work, I cannot explain the difference. Hannah was a changed little girl. She had begun to pull away and detach from me. My daughter and I are now very attached. We are more snuggly. The defiance was transformed in to reliance. The natural desire to emotionally attach to her parents had been restored. The change was substantial. I am currently saving up money to give myself the gift of working with Bronwen”. ~Kathleen,Rancho Murieta, CA
She was so in tune to my feelings. It was very emotional. Bronwen is very passionate about the person she is working with and SO caring about everything they have experienced… she goes pretty deep into history/trauma issues quickly and you experience a release of those issues.”
~ Lisa, Sacramento, CA
“Bronwen is an incredibly gifted EFT “guide”. The first time I had a session with her we got right to the heart of my problem and worked on another underlying problem all within the course of an hour. I trust her; she does not judge. Doing EFT with her is fun! She always manages to make my problems seem totally solvable – and they are! I have never had a reoccurring problem after we worked on it. Her goal is truly altruistic – she really helps people solve their problems for good. It is such a positive experience – I consider it a gift to know her.” ~Leah, Reno, NV

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