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Antebellum America: World History 1780-1850 – Ebook


With over 90 topics covering the world’s history from 1780 – 1850, Antebellum America is a textbook written BY your teen not to them.
Hone valuable research skills while learning about Napoleon, the American
Presidents, scientific discoveries, wars in Asia and more.
Not just a history course, Antebellum America incorporates dozens of outline maps just waiting for your teen’s additions – when was the last time you saw that in a  history program?


Topics Include -

Why did Moscow burn?
Who came up with comparative zoology?
What did England try to do in 1812 and what American’s money managed to save
the USA?
Just what are the Rosetta Stones and why are they important?
Did I.M. Singer really do something?
A pox on your house no more, but there’s a Polk in one!
Like Father, Like Son, Version 1.0
Catherine the Great and Victoria – Two Women Who Really Ruled!

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